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1.She hardly ever speak to you in English,________?
A.does she B.doesn't she C.can she D.can't she
2.I am interested in knoowing _______ language the foreign tourist is speaking.
A.what kind B.which C.which kind D.what
3.No sooner had we reached the conclusion _______ they agree to it.
A.when B.than C.then D.until
4.It rained all night,_______ time Peter found water coming in through the roof
of his house.
A.which B.during which C.that D.during that
5.So loudly _______ that all the children in the room got a fright.
A.she shouted B.did she shout C.she did shout D.she ever shouted
6.Among us students it is he _______ always acts as an interpreter.
A.that B.whom C.who D.both A and C
7.I______you a safe and pleasent journey.
A.hope B.want C.expect D.wish
8.It is strange _______ he didn't come to attend the party last night.
A.that B.why C./ D.while
9.______ it raned,the postman would still deliver newspapers and letters to us.
A.how hard B.however hardly C.No matter how hard D.how hardly
10.There are endless arguments against things such ______ smoking.
A.which B.that C.as D.of
11.Mary doesn't watch TV in the evening,and _______.
A.neither I do B.nor do I C.I also don't D.Idon't too
12.It was for the reason ________ the smiths moved to a small vilage from Paris.
A.which B.why C.that D.how
13.Do remember how the teacher will tell you to reach the school,______ you will
get lost when you return.
A.and B.but C.so D.otherwise
14.In the darkness there wasn't a single person ______ she could turn for help.
A.that B.who C.from whom D.to whom
15.John lives in the house _______ opens to the south.
A.which window B.whose window C.the window of it D.window of which
16.The girl _______the famous singer is singing on the stage is from our school.
A.together with who B.together with her
C.together with whom D.together with which
17.Listen!do you hear ________?
A.what's the matter with the machine B.what the matter is with the machine
C.what wrong is with the machine D.what is the machine wrong with
18.Under the treee in the yard ______ ,talking with a lot of young people.
A.did an old man sit B.did sit an old man C.an old man sat D.sat an old man
19.Who do you know the boy is _______ is playing the piano on the stage now?
A.that B.which C.who D.as
20.You must try to hold the pen _______ I do.
A.alike B.that C.as D.which
21.Not only _______basketball but also he is intrested in football.
A.did he like B.he likes C.he liked D.does he like
22._______ he is tired out,he stii keeps working on the project now.
A.While B.as C.as long as D.since
23.I don't believe it _______ you say so.
A.even though B.as c.since D.like
24._______ is very natual,man can't live without air or water.
A.what B.which C.that D.as
25.Only when he was past forty _______ his wish of becoming an actor.
A.then he realized B.did he realize C.he could realize D.he begain to realize
26._______,and you will achieve you goal.
A.Not give up B.Not giving up C.Don't give up D.If you don't give up
27._______ was in the 1960s _______ my father graduated from the university.
A.That...that B.When...that C.It...when D.It...that
28.Neither Peter nor Tom and I _______ in favor of the view.
A.are B.is C.was D.am
29.Once a week _______he together with his classmates go to the park.
A.does B.do C.is D.are
30.Where is the boy ________ you have bought the dictionary from the bookstore?
A Whom B.to whom C.who D.for whom
31.David and I _______ along the riverside yesterday afternoon _______ suddenly
an urgent shout came from behind.
A.walked...when B.were walking...when C.are walking...as D.were walking...as
32.We went to a place of intrest last Sunday ________ used to be a wasteland 10
years ago.
A.Where B.in which C.Which D.in that
33.________ enters the house witout permision shall be fined.
A.No matter who B.Who C.Whoever D.Those who
34._______ most of the students pay attention to is _______they will be free at
the weekend.
A.that...what B.which...what C.What...if D.What...whether
35.There is no doubt _______ our team will win the match tonight.
A.that B.what C.whether D.if
36.We will have to finish the job _______.
A.However it takes long B.No matter how it takes long
C.However long takes it D.No matter how long it takes
37.Not having seen Linda for years,I found she isn't the girl ______she used to
be when she was in her young age.
A.what B.that C.which D.as
38._______ ,he is always ready to help others when they need help.
A.A child though he is B.As he is a child C.Child as he is D.A child as he is
39._______ either he or his parents _______ English?
A.Do...speak B.Does ...speak C.Are ...speaking D.Did ...spoke
40._______ that none of us can work it out.
A.So difficult the problem is B.Such difficult a problem is it
C.So difficult a problem is this D.Such a difficult problem it is
41.Xiao Hua is the only one of the students in our class who _______ America.
A.have been to B.have gone to C.has been to D.had been to
42.Mary speaks Chinese ________,if not ________ Kate.
A.as fluently...as fluently B.as fluently...more fluently as
C.as fluently...more fluently than D.so fluently...more fluently than
43.We wouldn't go there for the picnic dinner _______ tomorrow afternoon.
A.if it will rain B.if it rains C.If it was to rain D.should it rain
44.With no method _______ in time if you don't follow the designer's advice.
A.do you finish the project B.you can finish theproject
C.you can finish the project D.can you finish the project
45._______ you have made your mind,you,in my opinion,should not change it.
A.Now that B.Though C.After D.Before
46。They ought to have come to help you yesterday morning,______they were about
to leave their house the manager stopped them.
A.and B.but C.so D.or
47.Never before _______my deskmate and I _______such a instructive lecture.
A.did...attend B.had ...attended C.do...attend D.have...attended
48.______at the railway station______the train left.
A.Hardly did we arrive...when B.No sooner had we arrived...when
C.Hardly had we arrived...than D.No sooner had we arrived...than
49.Such people ______ own their cars must be rich.
A.what B.which C.whom D.as
50.What do you think it was______made the audience burst into so big laughter?
A.that B.which C.why D.what
(答案:1-5 ADBBB 6-10 DDACC11-15 BCDDB 16-20 CBDAC 21-25 DAADB 26-30CDAAD
31-35 BCCDA 36-40 dacbc 41-45 CCDDA 46-50 BDDDA )


1.sb.was doing ... when suddenly ...
eg.That morning all of us were waiting for the bus at the gate of our school
when suddenly it started to rain cats and dogs.那天早晨我们大家正在学校门口等公
2.On seing/hearing that,...
eg.On hearing that,we all couldn't help turning around to have a look and find
out what on earth had hapened.一听到这声音,我们所有的人不由得转过身去瞧瞧到底发
3.as soon as.../hardly...when.../no sooner...than...
eg.As soon as wwe arrived at the farm,we began to work with the farmers.
Hardly had we arrived at the farm when we began to work with the farmers.
No sooner had we arrrived at the farm than we began to work with the farmers.
4.What attracted /surprised/moved us most was that ...
eg.What attracted us most was that there were a lot of golden crops and green
vegetables on the farm.最吸引我们眼球的是农场里长满了金灿灿的庄稼和绿油油的蔬菜。
5.Tired as we were,...
eg.Tired as we were/Although we were tired,we felt happy because we had an un-
forgetable experience during the trip.尽管我们很累,我们却感到非常高兴,因为这次
eg.Before we left,we organised a farewell party with the foreign visitors and
we enjoyed ourselves very much during the party.离别前,我们和外国游客一起举行了
7.some...some...while others...
eg.We were divided into three groups.Some were digging the holes,some were plan
-ting trees,while others were carrying water to water the trees we had planted.
8.without hesitation/a word,...
eg.Without hesitation/a word,he jumped into the water as quickly as he could to
save the child.他毫不犹豫地跳入水中竭尽全力去救那落水的儿童。
1.There was /We held a heated discussion on how to do...last sunday.
eg.We held a heated discussion on how to perform physical exercise after school
at the class meeting yesterday afternoon.昨天下午班会上我们就如何开展课外体育锻炼
2.some of ...think that...because...,while others....
eg.Some of the students think that senior high students should take physical ex
-ercise after class because they believe progress or success depends on physical
health,while the others have different opinions.In their opinion,they shouldn't
spend time in training,for they have too little time and they have to do lots of
homework either in or out of class every day.有的学生认为,高三学生应当进行课外体
3.There is no doubt that ...
eg.There is no doubt that it is necessary that we should take possitive and ef-
fective actions to prevent our environment from being poluted.毫无疑问,我们采取
4.As is known to all,.../It is well known that...
eg.As everyone knows,smoking is harmful to health.众所周知,吸烟有害健康。

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