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As is vividly betrayed in the picture in front of us, it is like a bridge that bridges various gaps to be a road. Just like being conveyed in the set of drawing, the fact that the bridge stands for communication and the gully for misunderstanding among people nowadays profoundly

indicates that communication plays an increasingly crucial role and becomes perhaps the only effective approach to disputes, with the world being considerably diversified. To the popular mind, nevertheless, it is immediately assumed that when communication is argued , it is still communication among the old and the young generation .that is meant. In order to account for what has been mentioned before, several causes should be put forward. On one hand, always rebellious , young people are seemingly turning to be rather odd while their parents are quite embarrassed ,or even unbearable to see all these offbeat behaviors. On the other hand, children may deem parents to be conserved whereas parents may assume that the young are getting wild. No better illustration of this idea can be thought than the example discussed below, 例 证 .Consequently, no issue in china is basic to individual and national survival prospect as communication, though people bear colorful thoughts, behaviors and customs. Accordingly, it is vital for us to derive some positive meanings from this thought-provoking picture. It is, therefore , necessary that efforts be

made to communicate. To begin with, actually, given effective communication, parents will understand that young people are not mad but merely seeking for an identity in this colorful world and the young will reconsider their behavior and accept reasonable suggestions from their parents. And above all, the best way to communication is to learn to be a little more tolerant and treat difference as variety instead of discord and rebellion. Only by undergoing these measures , can we establish the society in which people live with good intentions toward others, which ,as we know, has just gone to the heart of building the society in harmony. 附: B1-2 主题抽象型 Honesty Can the good honesty days be back to return somebody askes. Indeed, the question itself has aroused great concern and its implication should be given deeper consideration. The fact that dishonesty going around everywhere has made us have no choice but to need dwelling upon that proverb, which goes : Honesty is the best policy. It must be pointed, nevertheless, that when it comes to the honesty , honesty of enterprise nowadays should still be taken more seriously. To begin with, if your company wants to win the trust and respect from consumers, you have to be honest. People are ready to love those who

take honesty as their cardinal principle, whereas a liar company is not believed even no matter what he says well. In addition, if a company wants to make it especially during the fierce competition, the first qualification is honesty. No better illustration just mentioned before can be weighed than the case as listed below, 例证.Accordingly, no issue is as basic to a enterprise survival and prosperity as following the spirit of honesty. Obviously, from what has been argued above, efforts should be taken to build up the honesty-oriented society, or else we will be exposed to danger. For one thing, it is imperative for the government to make law to punish those who produce the the inferior and fake goods and prize those who turn out inexpensive but of fine quality commodities. For another, we should spare no effort to bring home to people the value of honesty. Only by undergoing these measures, can we say those good honesty days will be back. B1-3 主题之大而言之型 国有企业

As is vividly depicted in the picture , with a clear cracking
sound , two bowls clashed into each other , in which the shinning one keeps its integrity , whereas the shabby one breaks into pieces. Just like

being symbolically revealed in the set of drawing, the fact that

the intact bowl, as a symbol of soly-invested companies , overwhelms the broken bowl representing the state-owned companies, with collision standing for fierce companies, profoundly indicates that it is time that our state-owned companies entailed reform especially after china’s entry into WTO when facing soly-invested companies abroad.

To the popular mind , it is immediately assumed that when
reform in state-owned companies is argued ,it is car industry that is

meant. To account for the above-mentioned

phenomenon ,

several points should be figured out. For one thing, some of car
industries once enjoyed the glorious past , They have ,however, gradually lost their market shares when soly –invested companies were sweeping into domestic market. For another , in order to turn the corner ,the leaders of them should adopt the policy of reform such as acquisition, re-engineering and introduction of advanced technology and concepts of management. No better illustration of this idea can be thought

than the example mentioned below, No 1 Motor Vehicle Plant has
witnessed from predicament to rejuvenation through none other than effective steps mentioned above. Therefore ,no issue is as critical to

individual and national survival and prosperity as reform in state-owned companies. Accordingly , it is vital for us to derive some positive meanings from this thought-provoking picture. It is ,hence,

necessary that efforts be made to follow the spirit of reform
concerning state-owned companies. On one hand, the government should make law to perfect irrational rules and regulations being visible in reform process. On the other hand, the leaders of state-owned companies should enhance the awareness of reform .Only by

undergoing these steps ,can our more state-owned companies become
members of Top 500 in the world, which, indeed, has gone to the heart of maintaining good momentum of national economy growth.

最新预测小作文 January 19,2008 To Whom It May Concern, I am writing this letter to recommand cordially my bosom friend whose name is zhao xin for the volunteer of 29th Olympic Games in 2008 in Beijing. On hearing the news of the recruitment of versatile volunteers ,I ,as a common citizen, have a duty to recommmand the exceptional candidate for our Olympic Games.Several convincing reasons as follows ,in my angle , lend support to prove he will be a qualified volunteer.First of all , he has had rich experience for acting as volunteer for Asian Games in 1990 and been commmended for his outstanding performance during that


period.Secondly, he is excellent in both spoken and written english and acquainted well with foreign cultures and traditions.Last but not least ,he is willingly to offer his loving care to help others at all times and in all places ,which indeed goes to the heart of position as volunteer for Olympic Ganes. I have no doubt that Mr zhao will be an ideal candidate for the volunteer of 29th Olympic Games under your consideration. I strongly recommend him to your attention. Sincerely yours, Li ming 建议信+倡导信(时事类) 某报社向广大读者就如何开展普及奥运英语口语培训的建议,你作为 一读者就相关问题展开讨论. To Whom It May Concern, You have asked me for my advice with regard to how to launch the popularization of oral English training for the Olympic Games in 2008. On receiving your consultation, I have been pondering and now come up with some conductive suggestions as follows. To begin with, we should cast light upon the fact that everything concerning Olympic Games has played a key role in this training. That is to say , every detail of content taught in this training should manifest its application especially

for Olympic Games from reception to send-off ceremony. In addition, this training should take into account various cultures and traditions and in turn be achieved through teaching progress. And above all, we should spare no effort to bring home to trainees , through this training ,the value of making Beijing an international city in the proper sense of this word. I would be ready to discuss with this matter o further details. Truly yours Li Ming

投诉信(商务类 投诉信 商务类) 商务类 Dear Manager, Much to my regret, I write this to place a complaint against your delivery in your company. The Sam tape recorder numbered JB/47 which I ordered from your company on January 19 , arrived yesterday. I am sorry to report that the recorder has been badly damaged. There was no unusual damage to the packing case, but when I opened it, I found that the lid of recorder had been cracked and that the front surface of the machine had been scratched . Since there was such damage to the goods, I decided to file a complaint against the delivery service. Would you please let me know whether I should return this recorder to you for a replacement or if you


have an authorized service representative here to which I should take it .I will hold onto this recorder until I hear from you . Your early reply will be highly appreciated. Truly yours Li Ming 推销信(商务类 推销信 商务类) 商务类 January 20,2007 Dear Ms Lewis: I am a sales representative of Gome Electronic Warehouse. I am writing to find if you are interested in a new high-tech house system which our company has just distributed. The system is easy to be controlled by house holder and hard to be destroyed. The system protects your house round the clock. If you would give me 10 minutes of your valuable time ,I could demonstrate you the effectiveness of the new alarm system. You have no obligation to buy, but if you decide to order, the installation fee will be waived. If you are interested , please call toll-free 1-800-8207-3660 and I will be more than happy to do a demo at your house. Truly yours Li Ming 抱怨信+呼吁信 生活学习类 抱怨信 呼吁信(生活学习类 呼吁信 生活学习类)

Dear President, I am an undergraduate in the School of Education. I have several concerns about the quality of teaching in our university. I have discovered recently that very few our instructors are full professors; in fact, this year all of our four courses I am taking are taught by either part-time professors or assistants. I am not saying that the part-time instructors are not good teachers , but they have their limitations. They have no offices. As a result , they can not assign office hours for students. They are not well informed of many school regulations and events since they only come during class hours. They have little time to hear our questions and give advice for they have neither space nor time for us. Considering the fact that we pay big bucks t attend this university , don’t we deserve some good teaching I am looking forward to your reply. Truly yours Li Ming 备忘录(商务类 备忘录 商务类) 商务类 A MEMO To: Dr. David Smith From: Li Ming Re: Luncheon Welcome Professor William

Date: January 20,2007 This is a reminder of the invitation to a luncheon to welcome Professor Tom William and his delegation of senior professors and researchers from New York University to the Computer Science and Technology Department of Tsinghua University. During the luncheon, Professor William will make a presentation to the students and teachers from the colleges and universities in Beijing. The luncheon is scheduled for Tuesday, January 23,2007 at 12 p. m , at the Banquet Hall of the International Academic Exchange Center on East Campus.


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